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March 26, 2015

From a member: Dane Bremer on National Broomball Championship win!

Craig, Nicole, and 812 CrossFit,

As you know, championships and national titles are hard to come by.  They take lots of hard work and are never accomplished by a single individual effort.  It takes a group of people.  You probably didn’t know this, but you are a big part of what helped me, Tom Kubat, and the rest of the Indiana Invaders finally win a Broomball National Championship.

For many years, Tom and I have worked on our fitness at the basic 24 hour fitness club.  We would slowly see results, but we both felt that we were not offered what we needed to give ourselves the challenges that we needed to get to the next level.  Eventually we started to seek other options, which is when we found 812 CrossFit.  As soon as I walked through the door and saw the open floor plan, got the quick tour from Craig, I realized this is exactly what I was looking for.  Right away we were able to put our imaginations to use and push ourselves harder than before.  We started seeing results almost immediately.  But it doesn’t just stop there.  I quickly realized that I got much more than I bargained for by becoming a member.  Probably the biggest thing that impacted me was constant inspiration.  This came in many forms; watching the constant improvements you, Craig and Nicole, have made to the facility, being humbled by other’s superior strength and fitness at Community workouts, seeing all of Nicole’s success’ and accomplishments in CrossFit, and Nicole’s superior knowledge and help with any strength, conditioning, and mobility question or problem I have had.  I would then take all of this inspiration and knowledge and do my best to pass it on to all of my teammates.

I believe it was Ghandi that said, “Be that change that you want to see.”  I believe that you do that, and you helped me to do that for my team.  There has been a big change in my team’s performance over the last year, and you are the ones to thank.  I’m not much of one to express much emotion.  And like I said, you probably have no idea how much you and 812 CrossFit had impacted me and means to me.  I hope you accept this National Championship plaque as a token of appreciation.

Thanks a TON!

Dane, Tom, and the rest of the Indiana Invaders

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